Contrast Water Therapy - LCS Wellness and Sports Recovery
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Contrast Water Therapy

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Our Wellness & Sports Recovery Centre has a Hot & Ice Spa Baths either used together or separately. Known as Contrast Water Therapy, Hot & Cold Therapy or Fire & Ice Therapy, these spa baths aren’t just great for sports recovery they are also great for mental health, your immunity and general wellbeing. No more bags of Ice required, our spa baths have commercial grade heating and cooling units to guarantee our spas stay the same temperature throughout the whole spa bath. 

What Is Contrast Water Therapy? 

Our Contrast Therapy is using the Hot & Ice Baths together and achieving double the benefits. The Hot Bath is around 38-40 degrees and the Ice Bath around 8 – 13 degrees. Using both spa baths your body will open and close your blood vessels which has many benefits to your body. 

Athletes can use Contrast Therapy before a sporting event to help you feel refreshed and recover from fatigue or after a sporting event to help your muscle recover and prevent soreness.

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Benefits of Hot Spas

The Hot Spa is hot enough to get you sweating. Immersing yourself in Hot Water opens your blood vessels, benefits include helping with sore aching muscles, helps to relax the tissues around arthritic joints, which can reduce stiffness and inflammation. Other benefits include helps with stress relief and anxiety, improves mood, can help you sleep and detoxification. 

Benefits of Hot Spas

Ice Baths or also called cold water immersion (CWI) or a form of cryotherapy, is commonly used by athletes after an intense exercise session or competition is believed to help reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Benefits include it eases sore and aching muscles, using after exercise helps limit inflammatory response, decreasing the amount of inflammation and helping you recover faster. It boosts your metabolism & immune system, they can help you sleep and can boost your mental health. 


Benefits of Contrast Therapy 

Contrast Therapy is when you use both Hot & Ice baths in the same recovery session. We recommend 30 minutes of Contrast Therapy, starting and finishing with the Hot Spa.  

Immersing yourself in both spas, the key is the change with your circulatory system. Opening and closing the small blood vessels is called vasoconstriction & vasodilation.

Benefits include helps with post game/training fatigue, decreases muscle soreness, removes excess lactic acid and can decreases swelling